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The Art of Abandonment – Introduction from Walter Arnold on Vimeo.

I enjoy searching for beauty in uncommon places. I’m particularly drawn to locations that have been abandoned, where I strive to create collections of images that tell stories. It is inevitable that some images will stand on their own while others work best within the journalistic context of a site’s larger story. These buildings and locations speak volumes, and in their abandoned, decaying states their voices become that much more poignant. Every room and every artifact from a bygone era holds meaning and mystery. In a way, I’m a ghost hunter. I like to think that by capturing pieces of history, memory and spirit, however faintly it still shines through the dust and decay of these modern ruins, I’m also capturing some essence of the people who once filled these spaces with life.


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Bold Life Magazine ShootImage by: Rimas Zailskas – www.boldlife.com

Bold Life Magazine ShootImage by: Rimas Zailskas – www.boldlife.com

Bold Life Magazine ShootImage by: Rimas Zailskas – www.boldlife.com

  • Carol

    Stunning! If you come to Georgia – check out Central State Hospital in Milledgville. There are a few buildings in use but a majority are abandoned. Parts of the closed River’s State Prison are also on the same property. I have photographed the exteriors of most of the buildings but have not had the courage to go inside as I am alone on my explorations. Loved the tour!!

  • Lynda

    I came across your website when I was reading about Grossingers. I too have a passion for the unheard stories from places that had such life or history. I spent hours looking at all the wonderful photos!!! Great work ….I am glad you did not fall thru the floors!!!!

  • Jeremy

    I grew up in Dansville, New York, about 200 yards from the old Jackson Sanitarium and spent many nights on the roof of that beautiful structure. What a view we had. Its one of the things I miss most that town. Its like paradise in ruins. Thank you with all my heart for these photo’s. Hope to meet ya some day.